N°125 - The Jinn
Tala Madani

N°124 - A Sign of Autumn
Vincent Vulsma

N°123 - Informality - art, economics, precarity
Domestic Workers Union / Matthijs de Bruijne / Detour, Doug Fishbone, Kaleb de Groot, Jose Antonio Vega Macotela, Marc Roig Blesa / Rogier Delfos, Senam Okudzeto

N°122 - Mounira Al Solh & Bassam Ramlawi
And drawings by Rene' Daniels

N°121 - The Marx Lounge
Alfredo Jaar

N°120 - Identity bluffs
Sara Blokland, Bruno Boudjelal, Mahmoud Khaled, Lucia Nimcova, Nii Obodai

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