N°113 - Walker Evans and the Barn
Wolfgang Breuer, Walker Evans, Henry Flynt/SAMO, Brandon Lattu, Alisa Margolis, Barbara McCollough/David Hammons, Gabriel Orozco, Keith Stern-Pirlot and Mieke Van de Voort. A group exhibition by guest curator Jeremiah Day

N°112 - Long Live Matriarchy!
Mathilde ter Heijne

N°111 - One's History is Another's Misery
Leo Asemota, Van Brummelen / De Haan, Jeremiah Day, Gert Jan Kocken, Sarah Ortmeyer

N°110 - Giantbum
Nathaniel Mellors

N°109 - The Demon of Comparisons
A Project by Electric Palm Tree

N°108 - Susanne Kriemann / Vincent Meessen

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