Three artists coming to BijlmAIR in 2015

BijlmAIR welcomes artists and other cultural producers who in the course of their work want to relate to the transnational and intercultural society of Amsterdam Southeast, providing them with a way of temporarily coming to and live and work there. BijlmAIR is the Artist-in-Residence programme of the Centre for Visual Art Southeast, the FLAT Foundation, and Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA). Following an open invitation for participants, in the autumn of 2014 77 candidates applied for the residency. The participating institutions have now arrived at their selection. It is with fitting pride that we are here announcing the three finalists' names. They are, successively, Lynnée Denise Bonner, Hana Miletic and Ryts Monet.
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Exhibition artists-in-residence in CBK Zuidoost

30 October - 6 December

Location: CBK Zuidoost

On October 30th 2014 the annual group exhibition 'AIR in Zuidoost' will be opened, featuring work by artists who lived and worked as artist-in-residence in Amsterdam Zuidoost during 2014. The exhibition comprises works made by an international group that show how inspiring this area is, in particular for artists. With: BUREN, Jan Hoek, Roi Alter, Erka Nissisen, Irina Pipova and Paula Salas.


Thanks to Stichting Flat and SMBA.