Opening BELL Invites, 2016

Having opened in 1993, SMBA closes its doors at the Rozenstraat premises as per 1 July 2016.

Photo: Tarona

SMBA Closure at the Rozenstraat premises
1 month ago - 01/07/2016

As per July 1, SMBA will close its doors at the Rozenstraat premises and continue in its online form: the website archive. Thank you to everyone that has collaborated with SMBA since 1993 - the artists, sponsors, thinkers, curators, and community.

The Archive
The archive, spanning from 1993 to 2016, catalogues SMBA’s entire history of 'News' items, 'Exhibitions', participating 'Artists', 'Events', 'Residencies', and ‘Publications’, in both English and Dutch versions of the website. Within the archive section of 'News', 'Events' and 'Residencies', all entries can be explored dating back to 2006. In the archive section of 'Exhibitions', each show – documented in writing, image, and by its corresponding Newsletter in PDF form - is accessible, catalogued by year. All participating artists, grouped alphabetically by surname, link to their exhibitions in the 'Artists' section. ‘Project 1975’, SMBA’s signature two-year programme that explored the relationship between contemporary art and post-coloniality, and the context of a globalizing art world, has its own page, with details about the project and linking to its exclusive website. 'Publications' splits itself into three sections: ‘Space for Books’, lists all publications realized in collaboration with SMBA in chronological order; The entire collection of ‘Newsletters’ (1-146), which preceded each exhibition, can be browsed by year in PDF form; and in the ‘Reviews’ section, you can find a selection of reports, commentaries, and accounts, listed by year.

With the closure of the premises, the website – though still accessible – will no longer be updated. For any future questions or research enquiries regarding SMBA at its Rozenstraat premises, please contact the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

News Archive