Terry Eagleton and Boris Groys in Now is the Time

15 January 2009

Sixth evening: Thursday 15 January with Terry Eagleton and Boris Groys

Time: 8 p.m.

Location: Oude Lutherse Kerk, Auditorium of the University of Amsterdam (corner Spui), Amsterdam

Thursday 15 January the lecture series Now is the Time: Art and Theory in the 21st Century will answer to a 'religious turn' in contemporary society. The influential literary critic Terry Eagleton (UK) and art critic, philosopher and media theorist Boris Groys (DE) will look into the contemporary prominence of ethical and religious values. They will especially focus on the relation between this field of ideals, ideologies and belief systems and the arts. In reaction to censorship and iconoclasm many artists feel compelled to oppose the religious turn by defending freedom of speech. Notwithstanding this defensive position, the art world seems to be developing an increasing positive interest in religion. Eagleton and Groys will concentrate on this interaction between religion and art and the way in which these two diametrically opposite tendencies are related.

All Now is the Time lectures are in English. Reservation required.

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