Resolution 827

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18 April 2015 – 31 May 2015
Opening: Saturday, 18 April, 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

With: Kristina Benjocki, Lana Cmajcanin and Adela Jušic, Anna Dasovic, Doplgenger, Saša Karalic, Vladimir Miladinovic, Quenton Miller, Charles van Otterdijk, Nikola Radic Lucati

*Before the opening, at 3.30 p.m., SMBA will stage a panel discussion with most of the contributing artists and the curators.

“Resolution 827" is the outcome of collaboration between Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, in the context of Global Collaborations. The title of the exhibition, “Resolution 827”, refers to the UN resolution that was adopted in 1993 establishing the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).The point of departure for the exhibition was to find a common denominator in the analysis of the societies of Serbia as well as other republics of the former Yugoslavia and the Netherlands, and to open up the debate on shared sore points, like the genocide in Srebrenica, that was subject to ICTY investigation.
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A proposal for the Fatih Mosque

5 - 14 June 2015
Opening: Friday, 5 June, 5 p.m.

With: Gijs Frieling, Ad de Jong, Job Wouters

In collaboration with: Fatih Mosque

Location: Stedelijk Musuem Bureau Amsterdam, Rozenstraat 59

COME AS YOU ARE presents the proposals artists Gijs Frieling, Ad de Jong and designer Job Wouters made for the Fatih Mosque in Amsterdam. The Fatih Mosque, which is situated on Rozengracht 150, is in the midst of a renovation. The artists made proposals for the portal and the furnishing of the entrance hall. The first proposals will be on view from June 5 at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, which is near the mosque. These proposals are meant as a starting point for dialogue. SMBA is honoured to have the privilege of hosting this unique collaboration between contemporary artists and an Islamic faith community in Amsterdam.
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Art in a ‘Global’ Context – Interview with Zoran Eric
1 month ago - 28/03/2015

On February 6, the third exhibition in the Global Positions series opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCAB) in Belgrade, Serbia. This time, the exhibition is a solo presentation by Amsterdam-based artist Zachary Formwalt, entitled Three Exchanges, which consists of three interrelated video works exploring the often-invisible impact of global capitalism. The Global Positions exhibitions are developed from collaborations between the SMBA and like-minded art institutions around the world. The first in the series, Made in Commons, resulted from an exchange with the KUNCI cultural centre in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and the second established a relationship between the art scenes in Beirut and Amsterdam.

Art historian Steyn Bergs interviews the MoCAB’s chief curator Zoran Eric about the meaning of Formwalt’s installation in a former communist country, Serbia’s ‘in-between’ position in terms of the postcolonial discourse and the value of institutional collaborations.

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Exhibition ‘This is the Time’ opens in Beirut
1 month ago - 26/03/2015

Exhibition: 26 March - 25 July 2015
Opening: Thursday 26 March 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: AUB Byblos Bank Art Gallery, Ada Dodge Hall

As part of the Global Collaborations, AUB Art Galleries in Beirut will present the exhibition This is the Time. This is the Record of Time. This show was previously to be seen at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. At the occasion of the opening on Thursday 26 March several performances take place. This is followed by the symposium ‘Thinking about Time’ that is organized by the American University of Beirut. Later in the year AUB Press will publish an extensive catalogue of the project that was initiated under the flag of the Stedelijk’s long-term project Global Collaborations.
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